A Neighborly Community


Sutton Fields is unique with every acre of land for you & your family to live in harmony. The neighborhood and amenities promote a true sense of community and sustainable lifestyle close to nature. The communal gardens, amenity center, and neighborhood events promote families to live and play together. A community in every sense of the word, new neighbors will quickly become new friends at Sutton Fields and will gain more than just a new home, but a new family. As a part of this residential community, you can enjoy life centered on families and neighbors who appreciate commonality in quality of life.

The pocket farms and community gardens are part of our mission to promote sustainable living. Residents can also sell their produce at the in‑community farmer’s market. Whether you have an experienced green thumb or are wanting to try something new, this is a great way to meet others within the community.

Learn more about the Sutton Fields’ master‑plan as well as the community amenities.

For more information, please contact: communities@centurionamerican.com

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